After years of demanding nanny positions around the globe, I was ready to take a step back. I relocated from New York City to Colorado in 2015 to be near my family and to figure out what to do next. It’s always easier to figure your life out when your mama is cooking (tacos) for you. Honestly, I wanted to be done with nannying forever. I had been jaded a few years prior by an abusive nanny job; and for months after that I couldn’t seem to catch a break. I didn’t think about it then- but I believe that season was preparing me for now. I learned a lot. I wouldn’t trade going through any of it for the lessons learned, opportunities seized, and friends gained. While I was resting and nannying part time for a very sweet family, my broken nanny heart started to have a pulse again. I threw myself into my blog, Colors Are Magic… and something started to happen. Nannies started writing in asking for advice and support. I loved it. I love connecting with others who “got me”. I thought back to the best nanny jobs I had ever had and almost 99% of the time, I had a great nanny support system around me.

So, The Nannyhood was born. It all started around a table at a local coffee shop in Colorado Springs. Just seven of us laughing, telling stories, and relating to each other.  And now we are extending the table. There is a seat for you.

If you are feeling burnt out, come and be refreshed. If you are stuck in a tough situation at work, here you will find the resources and encouragement to be your own advocate. It is my heart that you would find "your people" here among The Nannyhood- goodbye lonely nanny! Your job is important and so are you. You are a treasure.

Let me introduce myself; it’s the right thing to do after all. I’m Nickey. I love watercolors, the ocean, laughing 'til it hurts, tacos for every meal (every single one), and binge watching Netflix. I am a professional career Nanny with 13+ years of experience working with kiddos of all ages, around the world, and in some high profile positions.

Oh, the nanny world. It can be such a bizarre place, but when it’s done properly, it can be oh so beautiful. There is really no other job quite like it. You are working in people’s homes and caring for their children… it’s pretty intimate. I have been embraced by some families as an honorary family member, and flourished; and I have been treated like “the help” and been abused. If you are tired and burnt out… I see you. I get you. You have come to the right place.

Let’s face it- being a nanny can be such an incredible job, but it can also be very lonely. You have your sweet nanny kids all day, but most of the time you don’t really have co-workers. I can only talk in third person to an 18 month old for so long before I need a little adult interaction! You work very long hours... and I’m sure you’re exhausted when you get home (I know I am!). Where do you meet other nannies for support, friendship, or playdates? Well for this reason, The Nannyhood was born.