Need a little guidance on how to handle a sticky Nanny situation? We’ve all been there. As a Nanny it's imperative to be your own best advocate, but sometimes we all need a little help and support. I am here to mentor you through whatever that #NannyLife throws at you - whether you need a little counsel on how to handle communication with your Mom or Dad Boss, help with creating a stand out Nanny portfolio, or learning about great interview prep - I'm here for ya!


A Nanny Mentoring session Will help…. 

  • Strengthen your interview skills

  • Understand industry standards

  • Help you gain confidence in communicating with your Mom & Dad Boss

  • Teach you how to have a stand out nanny portfolio and resume

  • Give you fresh perspective and ideas to make your days nannying even better!

Nanny Mentoring Sessions: $50

Sessions are 45 minutes and are held either in person, on the phone, or via video chat. Here are some of the topics I can help with


  • Help developing skills to land the your next nanny job

  • Negotiate a working agreement with your nanny family

  • Setting a fair rate based on your experience, education, location, ect.

  • Creating an amazing professional resume & portfolio

  • Figure out your ideal nanny job goals

  • Fun ideas for “spicing up” your nanny day

  • Nanny laws and industry standards

  • Interview prep including questions you should ask parents

  • Setting healthy boundaries

  • Establishing healthy communication with your Mom & Dad Boss

  • Learning how to become a professional career nanny

  • Conflict resolution

  • Negotiating a raise and/or other benefits

  • Giving notice

4 Session Nanny Mentoring Package: $175

Need a little more than 45 minutes? Have no fear! The 4 session package is here! You get 4 sessions (each 45 mins long) with me.

Four sessions for whenever your little heart desires! They are valid for one year. These can be used for things like prepping for your interview, negotiating a working agreement/contract, how to communicate and address an issue with your employers, how to give notice, etc.

Nanny Resume Review: $35 p/h

About to begin the hunt for your unicorn nanny family? Writing a resume can be intimidating- but it doesn’t need to be! If you are in need of an extra set of eyes and a little guidance on how to make a stand out nanny resume, I am here for ya! Simply click the button below to purchase in the store and then email your resume and receipt to You’ve got this!

“Proposing a contract, renegotiating pay, and asking for a raise can be overwhelming. After talking with Nickey I not only felt capable, but allowed to ask for these things. It’s hard sometimes to know what is reasonable to ask for as a nanny, but Nickey made it very clear what should be expected and why.” - Helena