“I’m pregnant!”

Most nannies get excited to hear those two words. After all, it usually means a little job security. It also means adding a new personality into your perfect little nanny pack. How do you navigate this new territory? Is your heart big enough to love another nanny kid? Will things be the same? Different? How so? So many thoughts and emotions!

Time to be real. Change is hard for me. Once in get in my groove, I struggle to adapt to new changes long term. The thought of adding a new tiny human permanently was so exciting, but also incredibly scary. I immediately started making lists of everything that needed to be done and imagining how my relationship with my singleton would change.

Welcoming a second (or third or fourth) nanny kid can be tricky. You don’t want to step on toes when it comes to nesting and maternity leave is on the horizon. Yikes! But, the best advice anyone will give you is to schedule a sit down with both parents periodically throughout the pregnancy.

Things that may be helpful to discuss:

  • Pay Raise
  • Parental leave – how will it affect your hours and pay; when will pay increase take place; how often will you have older siblings, baby, or all children, etc.
  • Baby prep – open a line of communication with the parents on what they want/need help with. Volunteer to jump in with baby laundry, washing bottles, etc.
  • How they want to work with older siblings on welcoming the new baby. Offer to help with research and different books to read. Offer advice if they seemed overwhelmed.
  • Flu season (if born during the late fall through spring)
  • Vaccinations – whether you will be required to get the T-Dap and/or flu vaccine

Once you get that all laid out, it’s time to prep for the new tiny human! There’s a learning curve and adjustment period when adding another baby to your crew, so don’t be afraid to ask other nannies for help and advice. It’s important to remember that each child is different, every situation is different, and we can’t know how to handle every situation perfectly. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to baby wear, but you don’t know how. Maybe you have an older sibling who is truly struggling with accepting baby. Maybe you suspect Mom Boss is dealing with postpartum. Maybe you’re stuck on what double stroller is the best. Ask! Ask for advice and different strategies. Many nannies have already been in your position and can offer some help!

Now let’s talk matters of the heart. Many of us get attached to our nanny kids to the point where we can’t imagine adding one more person (or sometimes multiples) in. But there’s good news. Your heart is big enough and you will always have room to add more love! The love may look a little different because every child is different, but the amount will be the same.

My oldest nanny kid loves cars, trucks and trains. He would much rather play by himself and he keeps to himself at home. At the most we’ll read a couple Thomas books and sing the theme song about 20 times. The rest of the time he’s off on his own playing with his giant train set up. However his baby sister is a diva. She loves being the center of attention and rough-housing. If I sit down to catch my breath, she’s right there climbing up on me and throwing herself back for flips. If I’m prepping lunch in the kitchen, she’s right there trying to climb my leg. They are two very opposite kids, but they each hold half of my heart. It’s taken me 10 months of having baby sister around, but I’ve finally realized that even though things are so very different, I wouldn’t change them for the world.

Stephanie Crabill is a former preschool teacher turned nanny. With an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education, 9+ years of teaching experience, and nearly 5 years of nanny full time experience; Stephanie is passionate about children and care givers. When she isn't wrangling her nanny kiddos you can find her curled up with a book (most likely Harry Potter), going on adventures with her Husband, Jason and their dog, Gary. You can follow along with Nanny Steph on her blog