Dear Mom Boss...

Dear Mom Boss,

When I accepted the position to be your full time nanny I had no idea all that it would encompass. I was ready to dive right in with your kiddos. To love them, protect them, teach them, guide them. What I didn’t realize was, that you were actually going to teach just as much about motherhood, as your kids were going to refine me as a nanny. And for that, I want to say thank you

Thank you for allowing me to love your children with my whole heart. No reservations. The fact that you entrusted me to care for your most precious treasures was one of my greatest honors. You empowered me as a caregiver to give all I had by not being threatened by my bond with your babies. Thanks so much for sharing them with me. 

Thank you for showing me what it means to be super. Showing me how to “do it all”.  I admire you for doing your job so well and still coming home to correct 6th grade homework, read books in bed, listen to your 5 year old recount the day over and over again, work out, eat dinner, answer those work emails. You have real life magical powers. I hope that I have managed to acquire some of them too. 

Thank you for not getting offended when I offered my advice and for asking my opinion often. Me teaching YOU was an honor. 

Thank you for all always letting me share in the firsts. Whether that was while I was on the clock, texting me a video of those first wobbly steps, or a picture of that first tooth cutting through. They were always a highlight for me. I loved that we could always celebrate together. 

Thank you for all of those afternoons you came home from work at nap time with ice cream and red wine to watch DVRed episodes of The Bachelor. It may sound silly, but those moments that you connected with me as “Nickey” and not “the nanny” really did my soul well. It made me want to do my job better. 

Thank you for being a safe place to learn boundaries. I have had a few jobs in the past where I was taken advantage of and put in incredibly awkward situations. Thank you for always being willing to communicate with me and remember that I am person with a life outside of work. 

Thank you for inviting me to the kid’s birthday parties, baseball games, ballet recitals, musicals, and family days at Disneyland. In those moments I knew I wasn’t just the hired help- but also an honorary family member. I thrive in family… thank you for identifying that. 

Thank you for the Christmas bonuses, paid days off to recharge, plane tickets to visit my family, helping me fix my broken down car. Those gestures were not just incredibly generous… but also made me feel so valuable. 

Thank you for introducing me to The Container Store. My little borderline OCD nanny heart was so elated. It’s amazing what organizing a kid’s craft cupboard can do for a nanny. 

Thank you for demonstrating healthy marriage to me. Being a nanny is such an intimate job. We see more than anyone realizes. Thanks for demonstrating the communication, humor, love, and respect you have for one another. I took mental notes. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn how to be a mother. Everyday I sent working with your kids was the best “practice” I could ask for. It was so fun to watch them pick up both of our mannerisms and quirks. They’re basically the coolest kids on the block. 

A nanny always knows how hard it is going to be to eventually leave her charges when a job comes to an end- but I never realized how hard it was going to be for me to leave my employer as well. 

Thank you for everything. I admire you. I honor you. 


Your Nanny


Nickey Andree is a professional career nanny with 13+ years experience working with children from all over the globe. She is the founder of The Nannyhood. The Nannyhood creates community and fosters friendships for nannies in their cities. It advocates for, resources, and places value on Nannyhood. She is passionate about helping nannies find their squad and assisting them in eliminating burnout. When she is not nannying, you can find Nickey singing Disney songs at the top of her lungs, leaving out gifts for strangers, or exploring new places.