The Heart Behind your Nanny Box


I’m Jada, owner and operator of The Nanny Box, a seasonal appreciation box that aims to celebrates nannies for all of their hard work (which is where our fun hashtag #celebratenannylife came from) and acknowledges their worth!  When Nickey asked me to share about the heart behind the Nanny Box to The Nannyhood, I was so excited to do so because that’s what I want to be displayed in everything we do here at TNB. From the bright, colorful, and confetti filled photos, to the messages and products we send in every package. I want everyone that comes across The Nanny Box (especially nannies) to know and see our heart. We aren’t here to be the next big “try before you buy” box, and I didn’t start a business to quit my wonderful nanny job. I did this because I believe every nanny deserves to be celebrated, and appreciated all year roun’ (in my Texas voice)!

Two years ago, I had an idea that was inspired by my nanny family at the time, and the ever so popular rise of surprise boxes showing up at your door. I have been blessed with some of the most amazing employers throughout most of my nannying career, and this family in particular made me feel so appreciated. From tangible gifts, to random “we are so grateful for you!” texts, knowing that my worth was being recognized, and what I was doing was being appreciated just fueled me to work even harder. I believe every nanny wants that; every employee wants to feel appreciated. It gives us a sense of purpose, and meaning to know that what we are doing is being recognized and making a difference in some way. But after joining several facebook groups, and connecting with other nannies in my area, I realized that wasn’t the case. Some nannies rarely heard the two simple, yet powerful words  “thank you.” Others had employers who viewed their work as nothing more than a glorified babysitter. I wanted to create a way for employers to be able to send a thoughtful gift to their nanny without having to put it together, and I wanted nannies. 

Now, back to the popular surprise boxes that were popping up around the time of my initial idea of TNB. I couldn’t believe how out of all the subscription boxes that were popping up, there wasn’t anything popping up for nannies! Even dogs had a subscription box. I wanted to change that. But I didn’t want to just create another subscription box, I wanted to create a way to send the gift of appreciation to nannies. 

You may wonder why there’s so much confetti all over our social media or our packaged boxes. It’s because we are having a party that we don’t plan on ending! We are celebrating something and more specifically, someone. Nannies are so valuable, and I have been blessed to have been able to meet some of the sweetest, creative, fun, and loving nannies out there! There are hundreds of nannies sharing their nanny adventures as their online nanny diary. 

I envisioned nannies coming home after a long day with the littles, to a box with their name on it waiting for them at their doorstep, and finding gifts that were picked out with them in mind. Gifts like a face mask saying “pamper yourself, you deserve it” or a book related to this field because it’s so nice being able to read another nanny’s perspective and to relate, laugh, and sometimes even cry at their experiences. You may receive a necklace as our way of saying, “get out of your nanny gear, and have some fun on your day off!” Or even a power bar because we know how useful one can be while out and about with your nanny babes. 

The heart behind The Nanny Box isn’t a subscription…it’s an appreciation for all that nannies do. If you’re a nanny and you’re reading this, I want you to know that as a nanny myself, I know what it’s like to struggle with saying no when your bosses ask for you to work late. I know what it’s like to feel bad when you finally get the courage to ask for a day off. I know the battle of settling for less than what you’re worth when it comes to pay. I know what it feels like to love a child who isn’t your own. I know what it’s like to think and talk about your nanny family twenty…four…seven!! When you get a boyfriend or girlfriend, you can’t wait to introduce them to your charge. You spend half your paycheck on your nanny babes because you know them so well and just want to see them smile. 

The heart behind The Nanny Box wants to reveal the heart of the actual nanny we are celebrating in the first place. Confetti is a big deal for us, and for many it means different things. But for us, we want you to see confetti as a symbol of the celebration we are having for you, because you’re worth it!

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Jada Pickett is a professional Nanny/Advocate, Media Personality and Founder of The Nanny Box! The Nanny Box is a seasonal gift box created for families and nanny agencies to have a unique and meaningful way to show their nanny appreciation. Jada is passionate about celebrating nanny life and placing value on the nanny profession. She lives in San Antonio, Texas and sprinkles a little confetti wherever she goes.