Start your own hood! 

Oh, HEY!

Thanks so much for your interest in being a Hood Leader within The Nannyhood! To apply for an interview to be Hood Leader, you need to be up for the following commitments:

  • Have at least 2+ years of professional nanny experience 
  • Host 1 Hood hangout per month on the day of your choice
  • Fill out a short survey after you Hood Hang-out
  • 1 Google Hang-Out meeting with Nickey and other Hood Leaders every 3 months
  • Being vocal and inclusive on our social media platforms (when you are able)

Please, tell us about your fabulous self! We can’t wait to get to know ya!

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The heartbeat of The Nannyhood is to create community & foster friendships for nannies in their cities. It places value on and advocates for nannies (that means for YOU). Hoods are meant to be uplifting and fun communities for nannies & mannies to ask for advice, build friendships, and support each other. To be able to hang out and have fun with others who “get it”. Hoods are to be kind and inclusive. Please, no cliques and/or drama. Yes, being a nanny is beautiful, but it can be rough sometimes. It completely fine to discuss a problem going on at work! Just try and keep as honoring and productive as possible. It's always wonderful to know you are not in it alone. You are so valuable and you are making a big difference in the lives of children. That’s pretty rad. We are so excited for you to connect with new people and make new friends. Please make sure to use wisdom when planning Hood Hang-Outs. Hang-Outs/Meetings of The Nannyhood are always to be held in a public place, never in private homes. Hood Hang-Outs are for nannies only- children are not permitted to attend any official Hood Hang-Outs through The Nannyhood. All playdates must be made outside of The Nannyhood events. Though we do not anticipate it, The Nannyhood is not responsible for any mishap or injury that could potentially occur.